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Created At: 8/19/2018, 6:37:50 AM
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  • Removed Birthday from palette 😔 no more birthdays
  • Various bug fixes in versions prior to this (v3.0.1 to v3.0.11)


NEW SITE AGAIN!!! All code is now open source!

  • Fixed login error with discord oauth
  • Users now get redirected if not on server and logging in.
  • Server map now has full page
  • Palette creation is much smoother now, and has new image
  • Removed leaderboards, link to instead
  • Faqs now have tags and colors
  • ->
  • Removed unnecessary user data from backend
  • Removed splash screen animation thingy
  • New-new-authentication-flow-final-FINAL.js
  • Removed polls (democracy is overrated anyways)
  • Removed games/gamers (oppression, I know)


Added a new splash screen animation thingy.

Fixed a bunch of bugs for /leaderboards and the splash screen


New Authentication flow

Added /palette for automatic creation of new palettes.

Links should take you to original destination once logged in. (cough)


Fixed some birthday bugs. Now mobile has a theme toggling option too.

Fixed a bug where the calendar would appear squished on mobiles.

Changed version numbers to 2 since this is the second version of the site

Fixed a splash screen bug where it would wiggle while hovering over the buttons.

Fixed another bug where you could duplicate game entries on your profile.


Added and


New site is now live!