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Welcome to the /r/Anime_IRL Discord Server!

Showing that you read the extended rules and the FAQ proves to other users that you like to be well-informed which is a huge quality that we’re looking for in members!

First things first, this server isn’t just an anime server. This is a SFW, slower-paced, English speaking, and adult-aged server, we focus on fostering a chill and mature community. We maintain our community standards by having stricter rules and regulations.

  • This server focuses on fostering a chill and mature community that can talk about anything and everything (not just anime).

  • Our server is adult-aged. This means the expected maturity level and social skills are set for adults. A lot of kids/teens join by typing 'anime' in the join link and will be removed from the server if they break the rules, but can stay otherwise.

  • This is the vision that we have as a community. We strive for something higher-quality than meaningless or random spam. We aim to have a community that can have fun together, as we often have meet-ups or gift exchanges that unite us throughout the year.

1 - Have a good First Impression.

We love to meet new people, but we won’t tolerate someone who acts obnoxious, difficult, or childish.

The most important rule to follow is knowing how to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. The best first impression is being able to have a normal conversation as you would in real life.

This is a curated list of first impressions and the moderation actions that will be taken accordingly.

Good First Impressions :

  • Able to say hello or thank you when welcomed. (Yes, the bar is this low.)
  • Able to understand irony and sarcasm.
  • Able to normally follow a conversation in any channel.
  • Able to ask questions when necessary instead of assuming.
  • Able to self-learn by reading the FAQ, rules, or channel descriptions.

First Impression Red Flags - will get you forcibly unverified :

  • Immediately posting any of these will all get you instantly Unverified. We don't care about your opinion or your childish sense of humor, and we won't feed the trolls:
    1. Insulting the welcome bot for some reason.
    2. Any 'Boku no Pico' or hentai/NSFW joke.
    3. Randomly posting math equations because you think nerd-chat = math-chat.
    4. An unoriginal or unfunny comment such as, "anime is bad/dumb/stupid", "anime sucks," "I hate anime." etc.
    5. Any copy-pasta, or anything else that gets recycled throughout the internet for low-tier bait.
    6. Any "X solos", or "X is better than Y", or any other unasked for opinion or baiting for pointless "debates".
    7. Saying 'dead chat' or something similar (in an intentionally slow-paced server) and not even attempting to start a discussion.
  • Don't spam. This server has many definitions of spam which includes:

    1. Random/unnecessary messages such as letter-posts, symbol-posts, emotes, links, images/gifs, stickers, or reactions.
    2. 'Rapid firing' messages by submitting before finishing a thought or sentence, or not utilizing the edit/reaction features.
    3. Consistent single-emote or single-worded replies without contributing to the conversation.
    4. Posting the same thing repeatedly in one or multiple channels over any duration of time.
    5. Overusing the Reply feature and/or pinging users for no reason.
    6. Flooding a channel with posts.
  • Don't act immature or childish such as:

    1. Role-playing.
    2. Asking for NSFW content.
    3. Asking other users to debate you without providing a proper argument.
    4. Having a username/nickname with non-English or special snowflake characters.
    5. Overusing ellipses, caps-lock, deleting messages, or other chat “tics.”
    6. Attention-seeking by telling other users to do certain things. (Read my status, go to this channel, soliciting with 'DM me for x', etc.)
    7. Attention-seeking by posting about other Discord servers that we don't care about.
    8. Attention-seeking by providing status updates. (Brb, afk, gonna do X)
    9. Attention-seeking by bothering Mods or the Owner for no reason.
  • Not following server standards such as:

    1. Not following a conversation by derailing with irrelevant posts.
    2. Not following a conversation by acting clueless or unaware.
    3. Not following a channel’s description properly.
    4. Posting in a language other than English.

Bannable First Impressions :

  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, misogyny, or any other bigotry.
  • Trolling by trying to flex any sort of superiority-complex, self-righteousness, or uncalled for arrogance.
  • Raiding by voice-spamming on a voice channel.
  • Raiding by spamming join/leave on a voice channel.
  • Raiding by trying to ping @everyone or spam pinging.
  • Raiding by spamming incoherent nonsense disruptively.
  • Raiding by posting copy-pasta messages.
  • Breaking Discord TOS by posting NSFW in SFW channels.
  • Breaking Discord TOS by being younger than 13.
  • Breaking Discord TOS in any other way.
  • Bothering users by blatantly advertising/self-promoting.
  • Bothering users by sending unwanted friend requests.
  • Bothering users by sending unwanted DMs.
  • Begging for money, Nitro, or gifts.

2 - Be chill.

This server is for casual or serious conversation, stay respectful and keep the tensions low.

Respect each other without acting attention-seeking or malicious. Keep the maturity standard high for other users to follow.

  • Stay respectful. This server has banter between friends, but don’t leak that banter to strangers or new users because then your behavior is uncalled for and misrepresenting how the server acts.

  • Avoid attention-seeking behaviors. This includes status-update posts (such as brb, afk, back) because these are useless to any discussion, and also includes PDA (Public Displays of Affection) or “thirsty" behaviors.

  • Avoid being malicious, this includes baiting, consistently negative contribution, or being harmfully rude by acting sexist, transphobic, pedophilic, or racist. (Racism includes all jokes, memes, or posts, that rely on any person's skin color).

  • Keep your nickname legible and don’t make it obnoxious or "special snowflake." Also keep your profile picture SFW and inoffensive. Don't change your name or profile picture to imitate another user.

  • Avoid being 'random' or weird in behavior.

  • Unwarranted advertising of other servers or personal media is entirely prohibited. Unwarranted DMs or friend requests will have consequences if you make no effort to join the server properly.

  • Only share your own personal information, don't doxx other users.

  • If you use an alt-account or rejoin the server to avoid punishment, you will be permanently banned.

  • If you are imitating another user's picture/name, you will be asked to change it.

  • No venting about suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or abuse. The users here are not suited to handle these subjects. If this behavior is repeated, you will be reported directly to the Discord team.

3 - Be smart.

We want users who are well-read enough to understand context in ongoing discussion and properly join them or utilize our other channels appropriately. This is a large public server so we need to stay organized in order to keep the server open and friendly.

Don’t spam. Think, read, and listen before posting or speaking. Use your brain and common sense. Keep the server nice, clean, and organized.

  • Use all channels appropriately according to their channel description and the FAQ.

  • This is an English speaking server, while we have channels to learn/improve other languages, and discussion revolving around other languages is okay - it is not okay to converse in other languages.

  • Don't monopolize a conversation. If a text or voice channel is dominated by one or two users and other users aren't able to contribute, then the channel is being monopolized.

  • Don't derail a conversation if there's a more appropriate channel to contribute towards.

  • Don't spoil anything. Spoilers are strictly enforced outside of their designated channels. Subtle or ironic jokes about spoilers are still spoilers and there is no expiration date.


Users will get warnings when necessary, as long as the behavior is adjusted and fixed afterwards then there should be no problems.

Our rules are strictly moderated and we strive for a community that can moderate itself. Staff members don’t exist to monitor your actions, if you aren’t able to follow the rules by yourself then you will be removed from the community.

  • Breaking the above rules, including extended rules, gives signs of being unfit for our server. If you are acting childish, attention-seeking, or disrespectful, then you may be warned for your behavior or even worse, removed from the server.

How to Help

Staff members will take action when necessary. If you aren’t involved in staff action, don’t get involved. DM the Nano-chan bot if you wish to report a user for breaking the rules to the Staff team. Don’t bait other users into breaking the rules.

  • The first part of this mentions that staff members will step in and moderate when necessary. If a conversation is monopolizing a channel or goes off the channel's description, you will be asked to move channels. If you are breaking any of the above rules, you may be given a public warning with the Staff role or a private warning in the time-out channel.

  • The second part mentions that you should just ignore it if it doesn't involve you. If you see a Staff role being used, continue the conversation without acknowledging it. If a user is breaking the rules maliciously, just throw a react on the message to show staff that they're disruptive and don't feed into the situation. We don't want to promote ban-culture, so just let staff members handle the situation so it doesn't get any worse.

  • The third part is a very useful feature to keep in mind. If you DM Nano-chan, you can include a description and attach a screenshot and she will forward the message towards staff members to handle a situation. If people are advertising to you, raiding the server, or something seems to have gone unnoticed, feel free to DM the bot to notify the staff.

  • The fourth part is important to recognize. As a regular user, irony and sarcasm are second nature. Don't use this to feed poor information or to get a new user in trouble because they don't know better. Keep our first impression of the server cleaner so new users don't get the wrong idea.


For reading through the extended rules list, you can skip our entire Clover system and go straight to the #read-the-rules channel and apply the Member role using the ?Member command instead. If you read this document after already applying Clover, then you can also apply the role in the commands-channel.

Since you seem to be well-read, make sure you check out the !FAQ command in the commands-channel as well. This command will explain the roles, channels, exp system, or other server aspects.

Applying the Member role proves to the staff and everyone else that you care about this server enough to do a little bit of research. This is highly appreciated, so we hope you stick around and chat with us!