What's the Clover role? Why do I keep losing Clover? - FAQ

What does the Clover role mean?

Clover is simply the role for new users. We try to be very welcoming, so making them stand out is very helpful! This role has a few restrictions from channels or permissions. This keeps new users from being overwhelmed, or helps prevent people raiding the server.

Why does Clover keep getting removed?

Clover is reset so that new users are greeted, welcomed, and helped. It gives new users incentive to converse, test the waters, and see if they like what the server offers. If you apply Clover, it shows you have interest in the server and shows the rest of the users that you agree to follow the rules.

You only keep the Clover role for 3 days. In that time, if you're active in chat for about ~7-10 minutes, you will gain the Member role and keep access. It takes almost no effort to advance from the Clover role, any user who wants to be a part of our server should have no troubles. You can learn more about the other roles by using the !roles command.