What are all the roles? Can I get a different color role? - FAQ

Clover - The starter role for the server that grants restricted access to the channels. The specifics for this role can be found with !clover

Level-up Rewarded Roles Information on EXP and levels can be found with !exp All Danbo given EXP and rewarded roles are reset monthly.

Member - Given at level 2, it removes Clover restrictions and grants access to the standard channels.

  • For reading the FAQ, you may self-assign Member to shortcut through the Clover role.
  • Every few levels you will be given a new colored role, up to level 25.

👑 - This role is given to the #1 user in last month's leaderboard.

🔑 - After a reset, any user above level 1 is given the Key role which grants access to the server.

  • You are given the rest of the month to reach level 1 again to keep access for the next month.
  • This role is removed after achieving level 1.

Self-assignable Roles

No-EXP - This removes you from the EXP system. This role is reset if you're inactive.

Limited - Restricts your access to the server, but this role does not reset.

Events - This role is pinged for server events and announcements.

Updated - This role is pinged for server updates or discussion.

Legacy - Grants read-only access to old event channels.

Dedicated - This role grants Events, Updated, & Legacy permissions.

# - A color role for users who prefer a previous rewarded color. You may not ask for the Clover color.

To apply a self-assignable role, use the #role-assign channel.