What are all the levels and ranks? What's the EXP system? - FAQ


  • Each minute you send a message Danbo awards 14-27 experience.
  • Every month the experience and role rewards are reset.
  • A rewarded role is required to access the server.

!rank Posts your current rank.

!levels Posts the server's leaderboard.

!reset Posts the extended details for monthly resets.

!roles - Posts the details for roles on the server.


  • Every two minutes, a message grants 2-10 server score and 10-20 global experience.
  • Tatsumaki game commands are disabled on this server.
  • Tatsumaki experience is globally tracked through all servers.
  • Use the website https://tatsumaki.xyz/ or another server with Tatsumaki to customize your profile.

t!rank - Posts your server ranking.

t!top - Posts the server's leaderboard.

t!profile - Posts your customizable profile.

t!rep __ - Gives the tagged user a reputation point.