Why did I lose access to the server? What's a monthly reset? - FAQ

Why is the Clover role reset?

The Clover role keeps track of new users, resetting it gives incentive for new users to converse. Clover is removed from users who have it for over 30 days. Details can be found with !clover

How did I lose access to the server? What is a reset?

If you were higher than Clover role, you are given the Key role after a reset. Key only grants access for that month, it provides a buffer for you to obtain Member role again. Details can be found with !roles

Why does the server reset monthly?

  • Resetting each month means everyone is brought back down to level 0. People won't spam messages just to get exp because it's meaningless. The leaderboard is there to track activity but it would be unfair for new users if long-term users were always at the top. Resetting allows new users to "compete" so they don't feel outcasted.

  • The system was introduced in the server to allow people to have a variety of colored roles. Having colors based on activity is a fair way to implement the idea. Each month community members can create their own palettes and the server gets a new paint job.

  • To prevent lurkers around the server, resetting allows us to remove roles from people in a fair way. People who aren't active in the server won't have access to the channels. There are other technical reasons why this is nice, such as no accidental @ pings.