What are all the channels used for? Where can I talk about a certain subject? - FAQ

Follow all channel descriptions. Follow Staff warning if you post in the wrong channel.


  • #general-chat * - Follow the current topic or start a new one if the channel is dead.
  • #lobby-chat - Secondary channel for off-topic discussion if other channels are busy.
  • #weeb-chat - Anime, manga, light novels, etc.
  • #nerd-chat - Gaming, computers and other tech.
  • #irl-chat - Your life, stories, and casual conversation.
  • #discussion-chat * - General chat with a permanent slowmode enabled for quality control.
  • #meta-chat * - Discuss the server, Discord, or linked websites.


  • #sfw-humor * - Funny memes/jokes. This channel has a voting system. This channel yields 0 EXP.
  • #sfw-misc * - Relatable/random images. This channel yields 0 EXP.
  • #sfw-neat - Media channel for interesting, abstract, or cute subjects.
  • #sfw-artwork - High-quality image channel for digitally drawn artworks.
  • #audio-music - Audio/Video channel to share music or music videos. Supports Chuu bot.


  • #giveaways-channel * Win a prize or give back to the community.
  • #emoji-suggestions * Submit votes to approve or remove emojis.
  • #tutoring-channel * Post a question you need help with or assist somebody else.

Etc. Channels marked with a * are restricted from Clovers. Legacy channels are saved old event channels. Read-only access is given by .iam Legacy